Thursday, 30 August 2007

Why it is not happening?

Again I have witnessed the same repetition at the eIndia2007 telecentre forum in August — the exact repetition year after at the same hall. Only the difference was, while majority continuously question about telecentre sustainability, some smiling faces (though very few) started demonstrating their models, which are heading in the direction of sustainability.

But the others were not convinced. Why? Because the question is so complex!

Following are some factors — reasons — that we have found in our research that contribute to this complexity. (The list is not exhaustive).

Social (ground/community level):

  • No economic motivation
  • Social ethos
  • Leadership deficiencies


  • No market
  • No sufficient economic research data
  • No sufficient marketable services and products
  • No seed capital


  • No vision
  • Administrative or management deficiencies
  • No entrepreneurial skills and capacity
  • Institutional politics


  • No conducive national policy environment
  • Existing legal systems not supportive

As we continue our research we will elaborate on these reasons. In the meantime, you are most welcome to add to, edit, or refine this list.

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